Your Best 22 LCD TV Options

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In this report we’ll talk about the 22 LCD TV and what are some of the best options out there if you’re looking to buy a 22 inch LCD TV. The great thing about TVs generally and the 22 LCD TV in particular is that you can find them very cheap. Prices keep coming down in the 22 LCD TV category. Included in this category of LCD TVs are the 22 inch LCD TV and also the 20 LCD TV. Both can serve similar purposes. Bear in mind that these are not large TVs by any stretch of the imagination and as such they are not useful for all areas of the home. Unlike the 32 LCD TV and the 42 LCD TV, these probably wouldn’t make the best living room LCD TV. But they’ll be a great back up or second TV in your home.

sony bravia kdl22bx300
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Let’s get down the nitty gritty. LCD TVs have made great inroads as to the deep blacks and price point competition that they had with Plasma TVs. A lot of the newer LCD TVs are using LED light technology making these units the most energy efficient out there. They’re also great for bright rooms and as mentioned they’re becoming more and more comparable with the price of Plasma TVs. The one problem that they still have which I don’t consider to be a huge problem is that their viewing angle is not as wide as Plasma TVs. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be a problem for most setups.

So you’re probably wondering, what is the best 22 LCD TV? That’s a good question. I think that here you really have 2 options. The Sony Bravia KDL22BX300 for around $270 and available at Amazon here. This Sony 22 LCD TV is a top pick at Consumer Reports, followed very closely by the Samsung 22 LCD TV, the Samsung LN22C450, also available here at Amazon for around the same price. The 22 LCD TV pictured below is the Samsung.

Samsung LN22C450
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Now I found it interesting that most of the bad reviews of these 22 LCD TVs was that folks complained about the cheapness of the stand as an example or the wrong screws being sent with the unit. I find it curious that so many people get so upset about the oddest things with their electronics purchase. For $200 to $300 you’re not going to get the moon, but the clarity and quality of the actual displays are great. As Consumer Reports mentions about the Samsung; “This 22-inch 720p LCD TV from Samsung delivers very good overall picture quality” and the Sony “Very good high-definition and standard-definition picture quality.” So you can expect pretty good picture quality from either of these LCD TVs.

Of course, in both cases of this 22 LCD TV, they are only available at a resolution of 720p. I don’t find this a problem because they are smaller units meant for bedrooms or kitchens, but I thought it only fair that I mention it. If you want to go for 1080p then you are better off with a 32 inch LCD TV or higher.