3 Classy Poker-inspired Watches

Fine-tuned and elegant timepieces for great high-rollers

Because of its ability to show power and status, watches are a must-have accessory to intimidate your poker opponents. Wristwatch is a type of accessory that defines the person’s personality. So, if you’re into the high octane poker, make sure to choose the right accessory to display your victory. If you want to maintain that suave look while playing a high-stakes card game, here is a list of must-have timepieces to wear during a night out in the casino.

Bubble Royal Flush

This metallic accessory from Corum provides an upbeat and winning personality that they need to project on the table. Its main design features the Royal Flush– the highest and most powerful hand a player could possibly get. The red suit of hearts is perfect for players who want to show their passion for this high octane indoor activity. Meanwhile, the second hand is molded into a dollar sign to remind everyone about the glory and the risks involved when playing poker. Although it is filled with deep red hues that projects intensity, the stainless steel case is coated in white to soften it. This type of color scheme is seen on a variety of poker site welcome pages that creates a friendly atmosphere to novice and professional players alike.

This timepiece provides the comfort that is well-known to Corum models. The leather strap is durable to survive the daily activities of a card player. The best feature of this watch is its waterproof capability for up to 200 meters.

Perrelet Turbine Poker Watch

Its sleek, black build is a great jewel for those who love the boldness of the casino. Paired with a fitting tuxedo, confidence and mad card skills, you will surely be the envy of every player. Perrelet made good use of its double winding rotor as it made the card designs come to life while it is spinning. The Turbine is enclosed in a gunmetal gray shell with body dimensions of 44 mm in diameter and a thickness of 12.5 mm. It is also equipped with a sapphire crystal that is glare-proofed to make the numbers more readable. This timepiece’s dial is available in three variations featuring different combinations: a pair of sevens, two royal flushes and two full suits.

Piaget Casino Themed Watch

Piaget’s round and thin exterior are reminiscent of a poker chip presenting the four different card suits. Its 38mm diameter is crafted from mother of pearl and is studded with 27 diamonds. Meanwhile, this party watch’s perimeter is made from 18K white gold flecked with 78 finely cut gems. If you wanted your foes to be dazzled by your wit and charm, this sparkling accessory will definitely suit you.