Make Your Child’s Grandparents Their Own Scrapbook of Baby Memories

Many new parents wonder how they can thank their own parents for all the support that they have given in the months leading up to a birth and in the months following one. If you are in this position, making them their own baby scrapbook or one of their own memory baby books is a great way to show them just what an important part they have in your child’s life but you need to start with baby memory book ideas. These scrapbooks need not be complicated, and their creation need not be time consuming. Instead, using a few simple tips on baby scrapbook layouts, you can quickly create a customized scrapbook that your parents will cherish forever. This is certainly one of the best ways to create a memory baby book.

When selecting baby scrapbook albums or really, any memory scrapbooks, select models that allow you to insert a picture on the front cover. This section is a great way to give some quick insight into what the scrapbook will be about and ensure that it will stand out on coffee tables or while sitting in a book shelf. This position is the perfect place to add a photo of the first time that your parents held their new grandchild. Whether this important moment happened in the hospital or later, it is a great way to commemorate the first meeting that neither adult nor child will ever forget.

Include a combination of photos that include your baby’s grandparents and those that do not. A scrapbook is a great way to share big moments that they might not have been present for in a child’s life. Include a lock of hair from your baby’s first hair cut, along with a picture of the occasion and the date. Do the same for the date on which your child first crawled or took her first step. Other milestones that may be captured are major holidays for which the baby was present and his or her first birthday.

Add funny quotes or personal messages to the pages. Some parents choose to recapture some of their favorite moments from childhood, creating pages that juxtapose their first haircut with their child’s, for example. This will show your parents that you still cherish their influence in your life and that they will forever hold a special place in it. If they sent you any gifts to mark the birth, be sure to include pictures of your child wearing or using the item that they gave you.

A scrapbook that charts a baby’s first year of life is a great gift for his or her grandparents. These books do not take much time to make and will be one of the best presents that your parents have ever received. Remember to have to correct scrapbooking tools when creating scrapbooks, it makes everything so much easier.