Why My Daughter Bought Me A Jasmine Book Stand

My daughter bought me a Jasmine Book Stand for Christmas last  year and I must admit when I first opened my gift I was a bit  confused. I wasn’t sure exactly what good it would be for me.

How wrong I was!

I use it all the time now, at first for cooking – my passion. I  am often to be found in the kitchen trying out new recipes and  baking cakes. I guess my kids got fed up of me leaving all the  cook books messy and dirty, I’d have to turn the pages to refer  to the recipes with my flour covered hands (or chocolate or  treacle depending on what I was baking that day).

I suppose this is what prompted my daughter to buy me a book  stand for Christmas. I use it regularly and no longer strain and  bend over books on the table as I try to figure out what page  the Chocolate and Banana Upside Down cake was on.  I use my  book stand more like a cookbook holder to secure the book, the rubber coated clips hold the  pages in place without damaging them, the book stays open on the  page that I need and best of all?  I have two hands free to do  whatever I need to do, which is often stirring, mixing, pouring  and so on.

My husband uses it too and I have often caught him using the  bookstand when he is trying to fix something with is drill or  other such implement.

And now we both fight over it when we want to read a good novel.
For me, its so handy to be able to read and enjoy a nice cup of  tea without worrying about balancing the teacup and not spilling  the tea on my book whilst turning a page.

I look back on that rather thoughtful present from my daughter  and wonder what she could possibly buy me this year that would  beat that amazing gift.