How to Get Skinny Thighs – My Best, Tried and True Tips that Worked for Me

Your thighs whether thin or fat will very often be an example of how you feel about your body and self? If they are causing you too much worry and insecurity, it’s time to do something and make a change. And that usually means trying to learn how to get skinny thighs and lose the fat from your thighs and tone them up.

Lumpy and bumpy thighs are common to working young adults who barely find time to work out and do physical activities. This concerns me as well because I used to neglect proper body care and exercise until I didn’t feel confident when looking at myself in the mirror and wearing shorts and skirts during summer. My lower body extremities were not proportionate to my upper body. I have a skinny long torso but flabby thighs. My excuse was, I work 9 hours a day, 5 times a week, and so I wanted my whole weekend to be stress free and to catch up on much-needed relaxation and sleep. But I realized how lazy I had become and how much time I have wasted on not taking the opportunity to get and stay fit. So, I changed my old habits and started anew.

Today, I will share with you the techniques I used on how to get skinny thighs. Actually, I just committed myself with the tried and trusted weight loss techniques: healthy diet, cardiovascular exercises, and drinking plenty of water. But, since I wanted to focus on my inner thighs, I included leg exercises in my routine, usually after my 30-minute run.

There are several exercises that focus on toning the thighs, so you must select at least four of these that give you enjoyment but also work your thighs hard too. I also recommend that you measure you thighs prior to your workout activities so that you can see the changes and results after a month. With regards to healthy diet, you must start calculating the calories you consume every day and the calories you need to burn to prevent excess fat from accumulating.

A quick tip for those who have lived a sedentary lifestyle for years: if you struggle with running or jogging, condition yourself and your body first by regularly walking and then quickening your pace, or what is called brisk walking. After a week of committing to at least 30-minutes of walking 3 to 5 times that week, then on the second week, you should start adding some jogging in your routine, and then adding leg exercises as you progress. The idea here is, keep your legs and thighs moving. And since you will be doing a lot of walking, jogging, running, and lunges, get yourself a good pair of running shoes to prevent injuries.

You need to stop complaining about not having time to exercise if you’re serious about getting skinny toned thighs. If you are really determined to achieve your goal, time management will help you accomplish it. We all only have 24 hours in a day, so keep your priorities straight and you will get there.