Invicta Automatic Movement

The Invicta automatic movement watches are exceptionally handy. Invicta makes several watches that have automatic movement. In case any of you are wondering, let me explain what an automatic watch movement is. Basically what you have is a rotor or weight that is held on a pivot. As you go about your daily business with your arms swinging too and fro, this rotor or weight pivots back and forth. This weight is attached via a pivot to a winding mechanism. When the rotor moves back and forth, it causes this winding mechanism to wind the mainspring that keeps the gears moving which keeps the hands of the watch face keeping time.

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That’s it in a nutshell. Now until very recently, only the most expensive watches had automatic movement. But Invicta has been offering automatic movement or Japanese automatic movement in their watches for a little while now. This is super handy. And the great thing about automatic watch movement, is that it can keep time for a couple of days without you having to wind it.

And I like to change my watches up now and then, and with automatic movement, as long as I’m wearing the watch after a couple of days there is no problem with that. I love it. Besides which, unlike most quartz movement, you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries. So it’s better for the environment too.

Speaking of the environment and oceans and diving… if you can follow that leaping logic, the Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Collection Automatic Watch is as the name suggests, an automatic watch. Using Japanese automatic movement, this is one of those watches that is just a wonderfully understated and elegant design.

As you know from a previous post, I own an Invicta automatic movement Invicta Professsional Diver Mens Two Tone Automatic Watch 8928. Which I just love. As mentioned, the design is understated thought mine has a bit of splash with the blue face and two tone gold on silver Invicta strap.

Many folks really like the Invicta 8926C which has a very elegant coin edged bezel. This has the same coin edge bezel as mine but is a more elegant and subdued gray tungsten color with a black face. I’m thinking of getting one of these too.

Now the Invicta automatic movement is a terrific value for money. And being able to watch all the little gears and dials moving as if some sort of ghostly dance is just magical to me. However, mechanical watches of which the Invicta automatic movement belongs require periodic maintenance. You’ll also need to reset them every month or so as they are notorious for losing a few minutes per month.

But guys, this is not about atomic time perfection. This is how you can enjoy the labor and mechanical awe that goes into making a watch. If you have an Invicta automatic movement you’ll gain a greater appreciation for the Omega, the Rolex and the Patek Philippe. For a couple of hundred bucks, this should be one of your first automatic watches.