Choosing The Right Men’s Watch

Choosing the right men’s watch can be daunting when there are so many things to consider.  The right watch makes a statement, attests to style and can define class. But it is worth considering  the practical uses of a watch and certain watches are designed for certain industries such as diving, working out in a field or laboring jobs or even in the armed forces.

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Of course, we’re not all James Bond and can afford a Rolex to make a statement, however there are plenty of good solid brands around that can carry the look that you want.  Aside from the looks of the watch, if you are going to be spending more than a couple of hundred dollars on it then it is worthwhile to be sure that it covers all the basis of quality that you require.  Things to be sure about can include what the warranty covers, such as loss or water damage etc, especially if you will be using the watch for work or travel.

Another good idea is to look up reviews online for the watch you are thinking about purchasing or to compare between brands. Reviews written by people who have owned and worn the watch you are considering are usually the most accurate and honest and a better option than listening to a sales clerk with a commission in mind. Reviews are also a good way to compare prices, but if you are buying online once again do so with caution and ensure the company is a reputable one.

Not all men, however, prefer the functional and understated look of a watch and the flashier watch is making a comeback to go with the latest fashion trends.  The 70’s era gold watches and watches featuring gems are becoming popular again, although they needn’t break the bank. Created diamonds and other synthetic gems are an affordable alternative that are made with the same chemical compositions as the “real” thing in a laboratory so that quality isn’t compromised.

If you do have your heart set on a Rolex but can’t afford it don’t be tempted by a knock off as, aside from being illegal, they can be obvious in their imitation and can end up looking cheap and tacky rather than classy. Instead, opt for a reputable yet affordable understated brand such as the Invicta mens watch brand.

Once you have decided on the watch you want take the time to visit stores and try them on as every wrist and hand is individual and the watch you have your heart set on may not suit you after all. Keep in mind that the watch face, size, shape and band strap width and pattern should be a compliment rather than be overpowering and clunky.