Common Sony Bravia LCD TV Problems and Troubleshooting Tips

Sony has long been considered to be one of the leading names when it comes to consumer electronics. The mark of its brand on an electronic device is commonly accepted as a mark of assurance for quality. This reputation for making high quality products is a reason why people still prefer to get a Sony despite the fact that it is more expensive than other brands. This is even more true when it comes to televisions. Sony TVs has been seen to lead in technology when it comes to innovation and features.

Despite the solid reputation created by Sony, its products are still electronic devices that are bound to have defects, no matter how solid the quality control standards that they try to maintain. These devices will break down at some point. These defects however should not occur right away or after a certain period without the TV being used. With that in mind here are some Sony Bravia LCD TV problems that are common.

1. The TV keeps on turning off

One has to unplug and then plug it back it in. It takes a long time to start up again once you restart it. This will often work unless your TV has more serious problems.

2. Lines start appearing across the screen

The colors will be different and their position will not be consistent. Sometimes there’s just a few of them, sometimes there will be hundreds which could seriously affect the quality of the viewing. This kind of problem is usually an indication that the set has a bad LCD screen, which is bad news for you.

Those are two problems that are common to Sony Bravia televisions, but there are other issues that usually happen with LCD TVs in general. Here are some troubleshooting tips that you can follow in case you encounter some issues with your Sony LCD TV or any other brand of TV for that matter.

1. If your set will not turn on, then check the power line and the power supply. It might not be getting any power at all. This may sound like its so basic and in fact it is, but still, you will be surprised with the great number of TV owners who have a problem with their set only to discover that it isn’t plugged in.

2. Make sure that you have fresh batteries in your remote, and if you do and that still doesn’t work, check if anything is blocking the IR sensor on the TV to receive the signal from the remote.

3. Choose the Auto Program function on your remote if you are not receiving any channels. This feature will allow your TV to pick up channels that are not stored in its memory.

4. Make sure that the set is far from possible interference sources like microwave ovens, cordless phones, and cable leads.

5. Place your TV back to the factory settings by doing the following: Press the up arrow key and the power key at the same time. Then release the up key, and that will erase any settings that you have made.

These are some of the things that you can do to resolve issues on your Sony TV. If these steps do not work then you should call Sony support or a repair man. Never attempt to open up the set or do anything more than what we have recommended here unless you are quite confident about what you are doing.