Effective Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive Therapy’s problem is the therapy itself. When one needs this kind of therapy, one can never know for sure if the therapist is capable of correcting his own defective thoughts and self-defeating actions, much less someone else’s. Thousands of therapists from all over the world have different takes on and are using versions of programs and curriculum. Only a few have proof that the program they are using are appropriate for the problem of their patients. All of these therapists can claim that their program is cognitive therapy, but only few can prove of its validity.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is not a suitable name to call the therapy. Therapy by definition is the treatment of an illness or of a disability. Using cognitive therapy to treat mental illness is ineffective because one can not do cognitive restructuring training on a person who is mentally incapacitated. Cognitive behavior therapy training then is also ineffective to criminals for the fact that they think differently from normal people.

The problem with having therapists in facilitating these kinds of programs is that most of them are sick themselves and that they have no idea about this therefore they tend to pass these untruths to their clients. Most of the people who had spent a lot to go to these psychotherapists never really get better; in fact they’re actually getting worse. Only a very few expert cognitive life skills counselors with the proper curriculum can help people and they make permanent changes in just a matter of hours rather than a few days, a few months or years. This has been proven to work even in the field of offender corrections.

It is not that all therapists are bad; it is just that the best therapists should possess a positive way of being. Their patients respond positively due to the goodness of the therapists’ hearts, not to the techniques they use. People usually work well with a flowing river that nourishes its surroundings than a stony cold dry creek bed. Choose programs that do cognitive restructuring of life skills rather than a clinical cognitive therapy approach. Look for cognitive restructuring curriculum that can provide proof and evidence that their therapy works. Look for the right people or organizations that have years of hands on experience in handing and facilitating groups.