Giving Charm Jewelry as a Romantic Gift

Call me cynical, but apparently ‘love doesn’t cost a thing’, or as in the words of the Beatles ‘money can’t buy you love’. Well, it is true that spending a lot of money on someone who you have a romantic interest in doesn’t guarantee you success when it comes to buying their affections. However, money that is well-spent on some thoughtful gifts can go a long way to capturing the affections of the lucky recipient and planting the seed of love.

Jewelry Makes The Perfect Gift

Obviously with Valentine’s day fast approaching there is no better time to put this in to practice. However, the giving of romantic tokens isn’t limited to special occasions such as valentine’s day. Whether the recipient is a spouse of 50 years or a new love, a romantic gift is typically a welcome surprise.

Whilst flowers and chocolates remain a popular choice, jewelry will always prove to be a most welcome gift that can provide extra special meaning, especially when a bit of extra thought is put into the the choice of the jewelry’s design by matching it with the tastes and personality of the intended recipient. Additional to this a piece of jewelry will certainly last longer than any bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates.

Charm Jewelry Can Be Personalized

Charm jewelry is the perfect item of jewelry when given as a romantic token. All of the famous brands of charm jewelry have a huge selection of charms from which you are sure to be able to find a meaningful item that is personalised for the recipient. You can choose charms that represent the initials, birthstone, zodiac sign or favourite pet, color, gem, hobby and a whole range of other themes, the selection is almost endless. Both Pandora and Thomas Sabo have more that five hundred charms in their collections, which is more than enough to enable anyone to find a number of suitable designs.

Less Expensive That You Think

I know that a simple box of chocolates of bunch of flowers can be purchased for a small amount, but don’t be under the misconception that charm jewelry has to be expensive. Even the most popular brands of charm jewelry such as Thomas Sabo and Pandora start at a surprisingly low price. Both these brands have charms that start from the small price of $30 (20) and upwards.

In addition to this you don’t have to buy a whole selection of charms to go with a charm bracelet. This is the beauty of charm jewelry, you can start small and add more charms to the bracelet over time. A simple charm bracelet with a love heart charm is perfect as a token of love. Hopefully, if the relationship blossoms you can add to the collection of charms on future special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas. One final thing to consider is that the intended recipient may already have a charm bracelet. If this is the case, then you can simply buy a charm to add to to her existing collection of charms.

Think Before You Buy

Remember, the most important thing to consider when giving charm jewelry as a gift regardless of whether the recipient is a new love or long term partner, is to give a bit of extra thought to the design of the charm jewelry that you buy. Try to buy charms which have designs that hold a special place in the heart of the recipient. If you do this the gift will be far more meaningful and appreciated by the recipient.

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