How to lose Weight Easy

Trying to lose weight, but don’t know how? How to lose weight easy, will show you how to do it. If you know this one little secret. All it takes is a few small changes in your diet and you could easily shed a pound or two a week. This is simple solution to the age old question of “how to lose weight”. Easy is just one word to describe this often overlooked first step: learning to cut calories.

Firstly in how to lose weight easy, we tackle your snacking habits. Instead of grabbing a bag of chips, cut up some fruit or vegetables.

Fruit is nature’s candy, so you can still get the sweetness that you crave with none of the guilt and less than half of the calories.

On average, a portion of chips is about 400-500 calories. You will not be losing weight with that, but gaining it. Fruit and vegetables have about 50-100 calories per serving. Switching from chips to veggies can slash your calorie intake by more than half! This is part of how to lose weight easy, but there is more.

The second part of this centers around sodas. A typical can of soda’s label says it has about 150-200 calories. But, look at the label carefully. It’ll say that there’s about 2 to 2.5 servings in that one can! So if you drink one whole can, you take in about 400 or more calories.

If you start to drink water instead of soda you will find that the benefits are threefold: First you will learn how to lose weight easy and you will be hungry less. Sometimes, our bodies confuse hunger for thirst. So by drinking water you’ll be giving your body what it really wants. Second, water cleanses from the inside out. Water flushes out toxins in your body and also can clear your skin.

Lastly, and most important to this weight loss plan: Water has zero calories. So if you switch out a soda and replace it with water, you’ve successfully knocked out another 200-250 calories a day! Now you have 2 ways on how to lose weight easy and steadily.

So what does all this calorie counting mean? In a nutshell, we eat food for energy, or calories. If our calorie intake is much higher than what we need for energy, the calories are stored as fat. We lose weight by doing the opposite. If we eat less calories than our bodies require, it’ll look to the stored fat for fuel. This is how to lose weight, the easy and quick definition.

Alright, lets do some math. One pound of fat is about 3,500 calories. One portion of chips is 500 calories and one can of soda is 250. So if we eat one of each, every day for a week, we get end up with 5,250 – much more than a pound! If you make the above substitutions that 5250 ends up being 1,250! Quite the difference! On average, if you can cut out about 500 calories a day, you will be seeing a loss of at least a pound a week!

Now, you will never have to wonder how to lose weight ever again. And following this plan on how to lose weight easy, you’ll rocket your weight loss efforts.