Lemon Juice Diet

Hello again friends, we bet that a lot of you who have tried to lose weight have maybe given the lemon juice diet a try. But we’ll be honest with you, the lemon juice diet is a tough gig. 10 days without eating anything. Now that’s hard. Folks can’t live on lemon juice alone.

But honestly guys, you can easily lose 10 pounds in these 10 days on the lemon juice diet. And some folks have seen upwards of 2 pounds of weight loss per day on the lemon juice diet. There are very few ways to lose that kind of weight successfully and healthily. Although as you transition back into whole foods you need to be cautious so that your body can slowly adapt and you can continue your weight loss albeit at a slower rate.

We want to offer you our 3 strategic keys to make the most of the lemon juice diet.

But lest first get to the basics. Please bear with us as we just cover a couple of the basics about the lemon juice diet. Some of you might have reached us because you were just wondering what the lemon juice diet is about. This may be the very first time you’ve heard about the lemon juice diet. So let’s spend some time just giving you the lowdown.

Okay, here goes a quick history on the lemon juice diet. Also known as the master cleanser diet.

The lemon juice diet was developed by an American named Stanley Burroughs. He died in 1991 at the age of 87. We think that you can learn a thing or 2 from a fella who died at quite a good old age.

Nevertheless, in all fairness and honesty Mr. Burroughs was convicted in California of practicing medicine without a license. Not only because of his lemon juice diet but because he was also involved in other alternative medical therapies. Still, we believe that if he could live to be 87 there must be something within his regimen that is life affirming.

The lemon juice diet is a great part of that. In fact people have been fasting as a means of not only spiritual enlightenment but also for various health reasons since time immemorial. There are certainly beneficial and therapeutic health benefits from occasional fasting.

The lemon juice diet is a great way to go on a semi-fast. As it includes more than just water which is the technical definition of a fast.

So what is the lemon juice diet? Well, Stanley Burroughs recommended the lemon juice diet for a minimum of 10 days. We suggest that if you’re doing it for the first time that you stick only to 10 days. If you like it, you can then go for 14 days at a later point in time. We know of some folks who have gone on it for as long as 30 days.

Our recommendation is that you don’t stay on it for longer than 14 days, and that you don’t utilize the lemon juice diet more often than 3 or 4 times a year. Once a year is usually sufficient time for therapeutic results.

Okay, sorry we haven’t gotten to the 3 keys to making your first lemon juice diet a success. Please carry on by clicking on master cleanser diet to continue. We’ll give you our 3 top keys to success and the recipe is just around the corner too.