Lose Inner Thigh Fat – I Finally Did It!

Hi ladies and hopefully gentlemen, I’m going to tell you my story of how I was able to lose inner thigh fat in just under 3 months while also loosing just over 30 pounds of total fat. Yay for me! Like most of you I struggled for years with my weight. If you’ve had a boo at my blog so far, you’ll know that I was a swimmer during high school and kept myself pretty fit. I even played a bit of volleyball too. I was never super good, but it was fun and it kept me slim.

But after I left high school and went to college where I met my hubby Steve it all fell apart. So by the time I finished university I was well on my way to being 30 pounds and more overweight. Then came my career which took up a lot of my time and along with that came poor eating choices. I know, it all just compounded on me.

Then one night when I was getting ready to be intimate with my hubby I looked in the bathroom mirror and I was so depressed with what I saw. No wonder I always kept the lights off when we went to bed. My thighs were fat, my arms were fat, my tummy was fat and I hated the cellulite I saw. Oh my god, I was so depressed then. But in hindsight I guess it was the wake up I needed to lose inner thigh fat.

I tried exercises to lose inner thigh fat which didn’t work but just made my legs feel wobbly. I tried programs that promised to tell me how to lose inner thigh fat fast, which also doesn’t work by the way. I was practically trying all the ways to lose inner thigh fat I could find. I starved myself… that worked until I had to eat again!! And then did my body make up for having been starved. I reached my heaviest weight then. And I was just about to give up on how to lose inner thigh fat until I came across this great free trial of acai.

I had heard good things about it, that it was some sort of miracle from the Amazon jungle that helps you lose inner thigh fat and fat overall. So I sent off for my free trial and then bought some more for 30 days, because they had a 30 day money back guarantee. So I figured if I couldn’t lose fat on inner thigh and elsewhere in 30 days I’d get my money back. And it worked. I weighed myself after 3 weeks and noticed I had lost just about 10 pounds.

I was sold. But I’ve been told by some of my girlfriends that not all acai products are the same. You have to make sure it uses 100% pure acai berry which this one does. Some of them use a small amount of acai and pack fillers into the rest of it.

But this acai supplement works like it said it would. However, you won’t lose inner thigh fat fast. I guess we all want that, but really it took me years to put on the weight, so if I was to be realistic I’d have to give myself at least some months to lose the weight. And it did, it took just under 3 months to lose inner thigh fat. But it was worth it.

I was never hungry. And as they say when I started my free trial, you have to use this in conjunction with a reasonable diet and gentle exercise. That’s what I did. It worked, I have to honestly say that this is the best way to lose inner thigh fat that I have come across. Now a year later I’m still on the program. Still kept the weight off and I can still have a piece of chocolate now and then! How fun is that!

So ladies (and gents) that’s how I was able to lose inner thigh fat, and lose arm fat and lose tummy fat. Basically it worked on all the areas where I needed to lose weight. Give it a try.

Bye for now,