Nutrition Tips For Weight Loss

Only 6 more nutrition tips for weight loss and you’ll have the all star cast of 37. Click on weight loss tips to start at the very beginning. Any and all of these nutrition tips for weight loss will help you uncover your svelte body. And the more you can incorporate the better it’ll be.

32. I’ll dress my own salad thank you Jeeves
When ordering a salad always ask for the dressing on the side. Then you can add to your own liking. And the key here is to use less. One of the nutrition tips for weight loss we use is to dip our fork in the dressing and then fork some salad. It works like a charm and you get to taste the crunch veggies enhanced with the dressing.

33. Fat, it’s essential, that’s a fact
Don’t avoid all fats just because they are calorie dense. A lot of nutrition tips for weight loss suggest avoiding all fats. This is false bravado.

Fat’s aid in enhancing taste and giving you a sense of fullness. Don’t go crazy on them but don’t ignore them either. And please include the essential fats in your diet. Omega’s 3, 6 and 9 are crucial and can help stoke the fires. Udo’s has a good one that we like.

34. 602020. Not that’s not our measurements
But those are the measurements that you should use as a guide. Our nutrition tips for weight loss suggest getting 60% of your calories from carbs. And 20% each from fat and protein. We like to call this the ultimate ratio. Ultimate because that’s the kind of physique you’ll have if you keep it in mind.

35. Spice is nice
Spices are your friends. Spices are nutrition tips for weight loss golden child. Or maybe that’s the prodigal son. Either way, they’ll tastify (yes that’s a made up word) your meal and stoke your metabolic furnace. Don’t kill your taste buds, but do befriend your spicier cousins.

36 . If it’s white don’t bite
In these nutrition tips for weight loss it is important to try and eat all of your food as wholesome as possible. A good rule of thumb is to expatriate anything white from your pantry. White foods, like white bread and white pasta just spike the blood sugar. And that ain’t right for your fat fight.

37. Be like a cow man
Try eating like a strict vegetarian once a week or more. This puts real limits on your food choices and thus limits calorie intake. So let’s see what is verboten.

No animal products. And yes Jerry that means no fish, chicken, pork and especially no dairy and eggs. Substitute grains and beans. It might be a sacrifice, but your weight loss will thank you for it.

There you have our 37 humongously successful nutrition tips for weight loss. Snack on these bad boys to your heart’s content. They’re calorie free. We promise.