Lose Inner Thigh Fat – My Struggle Ends!

Hi ladies and perhaps gentlemen,

This first post is all about how to lose inner thigh fat. Inner thigh fat was probably the most stubborn area for me to lose fat from. It was literally the last place that I was able to lose the weight. It wasn’t until I was about halfway through my 30 pound weight loss that I was able to start seeing some real results on my inner thighs.

I tried exercises to lose inner thigh fat and nothing seemed to help. I had struggled for over 10 years with my weight. Ever since graduating high school. I stopped doing exercise and that’s when it caught up with me.

But in just under 3 months I was able to lose inner thigh fat and lose belly fat and everywhere else for a total of over 30 pounds. So I know the struggles. I tried pretty much every diet I could find. The cabbage soup diet, the Hollywood diet, the grapefruit diet. I tried them all.

I wanted to find the best way to lose inner thigh fat. I tried all sorts of weight loss exercises. I tried all these fancy, what I know consider gimmicky machines. Nothing really helped until I used a 3 prong approach.

My 3 prong approach was positive thinking, diet (including this terrific weight loss aid) and exercise.

With using these 3 prongs together, I was finally able to lose the weight. It wasn’t hard, but I was sometimes hard on myself. And that’s a topic I’ll talk about soon. So please come back and read some of my other posts where I’ll go into detail about how I was able to do it.

Bye for now,