A Rapid Weight Loss Diet That Actually Works

Today I’m going to give you a rapid weight loss diet that actually works. Unfortunately in this weight loss niche there are so many scams and false promises out there about how you can drop a huge amount of weight in such a short time. With the pressure that folks are put through to be slim and buff through TV, movies and advertising it is no wonder that there is such an insatiableĀ appetiteĀ for us to learn how to lose weight. And when there is such a huge market out there, you’ll get your fair share of snake oil salesmen. But this rapid weight loss diet plan is all about weight loss solutions that work over the long haul.

My rapid weight loss diet uses sound nutrition tips for weight loss so that you can the extreme weight loss you desire but that works with your body and not against it. There really is no point in a lose weight program if you just end up gaining the weight back again after a few months. So in keeping with sound dietary principles, this fast weight loss diet will work and it’s simple. But there are a few rules.

Firstly, don’t drink any calories. This is a huge contribution to calories that most folks don’t realize the impact. A glass of orange juice with breakfast, a glass of milk with lunch and a glass of wine with dinner is an easy 300 to 400 calories that you’ve just added to your daily calorie load. So don’t drink any calories. No juice, milk, pop, alcohol whatsoever. This is probably one of the easiest tips on the fast weight loss diet plan.

Secondly, no fried food. So you’re going to cut out french fries, potato chips, samosas, and anything else that is greasy and oily. You can use just a small amount of oil (a tablespoon or less) per day to stir fry your dinner if you like. Thirdly, cut out all meat. Meat is a calorically dense food that is not needed in losing weight. Lastly, fill your plate with vegetables. Make sure that at least half if not three quarters of your plate is made up of vegetables that have been steamed, boiled or raw. Veggies have few calories for their weight, so they are calorically light and will fill you up without providing a ton of calories.

If you can follow these 4 easy raped weight loss tips, you’ll have a rapid weight loss diet that actually works. Of course you do need to keep an eye on portion control. If you need to measure out your food so be it. It works. And to keep you on track, allow one day a week as a cheat day where you can disregard the rules and eat whatever you want. Just don’t go overboard and pig out. Remain sensible and you’ll be easily able to lose up to 1 pound per week if not more with this rapid weight loss diet.