Sheet Metal Welding Tips

I want to offer you 10 sheet metal welding tips that you should always keep in mind when preparing to weld. These welding safety tips are to keep you alive in a long career so that you can make tons of money. These tips will work for arc welding sheet metal, gas welding stainless steel, MIG welding aluminum and any other welding application that you can imagine. So let’s get started with sheet metal welding tips.

Bear these welding safety tips in mind. I’ve burnt myself more times than I’d care to remember and I’ve fried myself too. Us welders usually don’t pay much attention to this stuff, but it’s crucial.

1. Oxygen and acetylene are serious gases. They are highly flammable, that’s why there’s a sticker on those cylinders. So treat them with the care that they deserve. Don’t toss them in your trunk. Treat them with kid gloves. Seriously. A ding can turn into a minuscule leak and then boom, bam and wham you’re dead. Same with those little pony bottles. Don’t just toss them in your tool box. Make sure everything is nicely secured.

2. Always, always move those high pressure gas cylinders with protective caps in place. This has happened, the cylinder is moved without a protective cap, a little slip and the cylinder falls and lands on its valve. If the valve gets knocked off and I’ve seen this with my own eyes, you’ve got a missle. A real sidewinder. That 2500 pounds of pressure escaping from a hole no bigger than your ass is trouble. Thankfully nobody got hurt.

3. Number 3 of the sheet metal welding tips. MIG welding thin sheet metal and TIG welding sheet metal in a confined space. Don’t do it. Why? Because Argon is a gas that is inert which means it doesn’t react with other substances. Cool right? Not so fast, it is also heavier than air and will fill up a confined space like a swimming pool and suffocate you before you can say “Slap my ass Sally!”

4. When welding auto sheet metal or any welding actually be dry as a bone. Even a small puddle of water that you might step in can electrocute you. Now I know you’re only using 19 volts or whatever but that can still leave a mark. Heck, it can kill you.

Number 5 of our sheet metal welding tips is always use a fire watch with tungsten inert gas welding and welding in general. If you can’t weld without a fire watch don’t weld. Or if you have to be sheet metal welding by yourself always take a break every 30 seconds to look around you.

Tip number 6 of sheet metal welding tips is to make sure that any previously flammable tank that you’re welding has been thoroughly cleaned so it won’t blow up. If you’re unsure, rewash the tank with soap and water and purge with argon to be safe. But make sure you’re thorough.

Okay, I’m getting tired, I sound like I’m bitching at you, like my ex used to say. So I’ll stop here with these sheet metal welding tips. Next time we’ll finish off the sheet metal welding tips and also talk about how to MIG weld sheet metal perfectly.