Fast Weight Loss Tips

Almost a third of the way through our list of fast weight loss tips. To start at the beginning click on weight loss tips. We’re sharing with you our 37 secret and fast weight loss tips to the ultimate body you deserve. Let’s carry on shall we.

11. Find yourself in somebody else
Create a vision board of the kind of physique you’d like. Post pictures of the people that carry the kind of body you’ll be carrying in no time.

What we like to do is behead these s-o-b’s 🙂 and pin their bodies to our corkboard. Then we take pictures of our own head and put them on these bodies. These are great fast weight loss tips to use. The mind is a powerful ally in weight loss. No doubt about it.

12. What the mind believes the body achieves
In conjunction with fast weight loss tips numero 11, is belief. Keep motivating yourself. We don’t care if you don’t believe it. Just keep saying positive things about yourself to yourself. Say things like “I am achieving the thin body I deserve” or “I am experiencing a radiant slim physique”. Keep track of your inner thoughts and whenever a bad one pops up squash it down with a motivating thought. Just do it.

13. Be focused but be realistic
With fast weight loss tips, often folks get excited thinking they can lost 50 pounds in one week. This is scientifically impossible. And if you set those kinds of expectations for yourself you’ll be sad in no time. We recommend setting a goal of no more than 5 pounds per week as your goal. You might achieve more depending on how far you have to lose. But as long as you’re losing, you’re winning.

14. Celebrate your accomplishments
It is important to celebrate your losses. Other fast weight loss tips just focus on the results and what you need to do to get there. But celebrate each small victory. Each pound closer to your goal is a battle won in this war. Celebrate it. Be proud. You’re doing awesome. But don’t use these celebrations as excuses for falling off the wagon.

15. Go on cheat, just a little
In order to really manifest all fast weight loss tips you have to allow a little give. Have one day a week or a couple of meals a week as little cheaters. Allow yourself this indulgence. It is good for the body. Letting it know you aren’t starving. And good for the mind, letting you know that you aren’t miserly with yourself. Remember, all work and no play makes Jack or Jane dull and miserable.

16. Be a little ADHD
Be distracted. If you’re craving food one of these fast weight loss tips could be used to distract yourself. Put on the TV. Listen to a podcast on the wonders of weight loss. Find pictures that’ll gross you out. Whatever they may be. Suck on a lemon even, it works. Or brush your teeth.

17. You are unique and that’s good
Try not to compare yourself to others. If others seem to be using fast weight loss tips and having greater success don’t bemoan it. Use it as fuel and energy to realize how well you can do to. And just focus on your own success as we said earlier. You are doing well. We are all different and respond to life differently. Don’t beat yourself up. You are winning. This is only a race of one.

You’re doing great. We’re on the home stretch. Don’t you feel slimmer already? Click on quick weight loss tips to continue.