Is A Medical Weight Loss Clinic Helpful?

Okay, most of you are not going to be thrilled about this post. If you’re looking for a Medical Weight Loss Clinic review you’ll get one here, but perhaps not the one you’d like. I keep harping on the same ideas here. Weight loss is just one of those fields where folks are always looking for a quick or easy solution to losing weight. And because of that, there will always be weight loss gurus springing up to help you with your weight loss efforts. The main problem with all of these gurus however is that they’ll charge you an arm and a leg and most of you will not end up weighing an arm and a leg less over the course of treatment.

Now I know that most of these medical weight loss centers or medical weight loss clinics have all sorts of testimonials, but I’m really skeptical of how the average person will do on such a diet. You might lose weight in the short term, but then what happens after you’ve left the support of the medical weight loss programs? Most likely you’ll end up putting on weight again. The problem is that you have to get to a place where you are making real lifestyle changes. That’s the only way to long term permanent weight loss.

If you can change the way you think and react to food you’ll likely have long term success. Otherwise you’ll be going from one center for medical weight loss to the next medical weight loss clinic looking for that elusive miracle. There is no miracle for weight loss, you have to first work on yourself and from there the weight will come off naturally.

A great place to start is here at Dr. McDougall’s website. If you can afford one of his seminars or programs or study weekends I would highly recommend it. Regardless, his website is jam packed full of free weight loss information that can help you lose all the weight you need. But be patient young padiwan. It took you a while to gain it I’m certain and it’ll take some weeks or months to lose all the weight you want, depending on how much weight you have to lose.

Remember always, that losing weight really is easy. And losing weight fast is simple too, you just have to eat less calories than you burn. That’s the weight loss secret nobody wants you to know. Okay I joke a little bit. But honestly, weight loss is primarily a problem of diet and not a problem with the lack of exercise. So although exericse is helpful and important for general and overall health, it is not the panacea or weight loss demi-god that many will have you believe. An hour of running will burn less than 500 calories for a 150 pound person. You can check for yourself here.

And honestly, for most of us, it is easier to cut 500 calories from our daily caloric intake than it is to go out jogging for an hour. So that is my best tip for you. Eat less food than you need and you can calculate how many calories you need by clicking here for a calorie and metabolic calculator once you’ve signed up for a free account.

And if you carefully weight and count the calories in the food that you eat you’ll lose weight. How do I know? Because I’ve done the very same thing and it works. You don’t need to spend 30, 50 or 100 dollars a month on special memberships to weight loss clinics or potions, poisons and snake oil. I know it’s tedious to lose weight this way, but it works. You can do it yourself and you can find your ultimate lean physique for the rest of your life. You’ll have a new¬†lifestyle¬†and a new way of interacting with food. And for additional help you might want to check out the Hacker’s Diet. A free diet program and weight loss plan that the guy himself used to lose a ton of weight and stay lean for over a decade now.