The 8 Best 21st Party Themes and Ideas

The 21st birthday is a pretty significant event. It marks that date when a person is coming of age and can take his place in the world. That is why the celebration for it has to be memorable and significant. One has to think about 21st party themes and ideas to ensure that it will be something worth remembering for the rest of the celebrant’s life. Finding a particular theme is not an easy thing to do considering that there are so many ideas that can be taken into consideration these days. To help you out here are a few of the best 21st birthday party themes and ideas that you can think about.

There are a lot of themes that you can use and it can depend on the clothes or costumes that people wear or the food that you will be serving to the guests. Here are just a few of those themes:

Decades Based Theme

You could tell the guests to come dressed in 70s disco outfits. That will surely make the moment light and full of fun. Another alternative theme is 80s prom night. Time to bring out those old clothes from the attic. Nothing could bring in the fun more than a room full of people dressed like people from the past.

Las Vegas

If you guessed that gambling will be the biggest thing with a Vegas themed party then you guessed it right. You don’t have to play for money though, you can think up of other means of paying up. You can also use the bright lights and the shine and glitter of Vegas to light up the party.

Hollywood or Movie Star Party

You can ask the guests to come in dressed as Hollywood celebrities. You can take your pick of the stars from the past and today to imitate. The more glamorous the costumes the better.

Masquerade Ball

This kind of theme has elegance, mystery, and just the right hint of naughtiness. All the elements that makes it a perfect theme. Everyone could be left wondering who the other guests are.

Color Themes

You can pick a color that the celebrant likes and use it as a theme for the party. You can use pink invitations, pink cakes, and ask the guests to come in pink clothes.

Kid’s Party Theme

Remember the birthday parties that you attended when you were a kid? They were a lot of fun right? So why not create a Kid’s Party theme for a 21st birthday celebration. It’s going to be a lot of fun. You can organize games and have fun food served. Maybe even bring out a bouncer too… the inflatable kind, not the heavy dude kind.


If the celebration will be in the summer, a good party theme is Hawaiian. This can be done outdoors, around a pool if possible. Guests can come in their most flowery Hawaiian shirt. You could serve cool drinks and have some barbecue on the side. Serve up leis to everyone too.

Winter Wonderland

If the celebration will happen during winter then you can have a party with a winter wonderland theme to it. You have to decorate the place in white for this theme. Adding Disneyland touches to the party makes it extra festive.

These are just some of the themes that you can use. No matter which one you pick you just have to remember to stick to the theme and be consistent with the whole thing in order for the whole thing to work out and make it a memorable and fund time for the person turning 21 and the guests. Oh yeah, if you’ve found this post helpful, then you can thank me by inviting me to the party 😉