The Best Thriller TV Series of All Time

Why do you watch television? I am sure the answers will be quite varied, and this is all due to the viewing tastes of the viewing public. Such tastes are expected to be quite diversified given the vastly different backgrounds of regular TV viewers. It is the expected variety that lends some excitement and thrill even in just learning what the people watch regularly.

The answer to the above question will surely be varied, but one thing is sure and that is the fact that everyone wants to be entertained. One might answer that he watches TV to laugh and forget about his problems, and another might answer that he wants to enjoy his favorite sport. And still others would say that he wants to be thrilled to the action and suspense afforded by some of the best TV thrillers ever.

As for my own reasons for watching television, it is a mixture of everything since I love to watch games of my favorite sports and I also love the excitement of various thrillers. That is why I make it a point to see and check out the latest thrillers and compare it with the ones that I have always loved, the classics so to speak. It is therefore nice to look at the best thriller TV series of all time, and enjoy each one once again.

Listing THE Best TV Thrillers

The excitement and the thrill that’s generated by the television show genre has ensured that it would continue to be a staple of television. Its appeal is quite evident, so it explains why it has produced hit shows then, now, and in the future. To look at some of the best ever from that genre, even if only a few, would help showcase why it continues to be among those favored by viewers.

• 24 – Probably the best TV thriller of recent years, and some would even argue that it is the best produced by the genre, 24 showcased the best elements of conspiracy theories and all out action thrillers. It resulted in an exceptional series that was not only one of the best action thrillers on TV, but quite simply one of the best TV shows around. The series starred Kiefer Sutherland as CTU agent Jack Bauer, a man who was almost obsessed in the idea of defending his country and his family.

• The X – Files – The X- Files was by the large THE show of the 90’s, and it was an excellent combination of conspiracy theories, UFO encounters, with some urban legends thrown into the mix. And because of the element mixture of different elements, writer Chris Carter was actually able to write almost any kind of story. The show was such a success that it guaranteed that main actors David Duchovny (Special Agent Fox Mulder) and Gillian Anderson (Agent Dana Scully).

• The Fugitive – Produced during the late ‘60’s, this was the original TV show that inspired the ‘90’s blockbuster film starring Harrison Ford. The story was basically the same, Dr. Richard Kimple (David Janssen) was falsely convicted of the murder of his wife and makes his escape during a train wreck. He then pursues the real killer of his wife, known as the “one armed man” (Bill Raisch), while he is in turn pursued by police officer Philip Gerard (Barry Morse).