The Automoblox Wooden Car Toy. One Of The Hot Toys This Season

If you are shopping for the coming festive season and you’re attempting to figure out which are the hot toys this year, then here is a suggestion that you can add to your list, this toy would be the Automoblox wooden toy car. Featured as one of the top ten Christmas boys toys 2010 has in store, the Automoblox car is unique in that it can be disassembled down to its component parts. The beauty is that these parts can then be mix and matches with other Automoblox vehicles, allowing your child to create his or her custom vehicles to their own design.

The Automoblox concept was dreamt up by one Patrick Calello of Carnegie Mellon University who found himself challenged with the task of coming up with a new product in the do-it-yourself hobby car industry. A renown “car guy”, Calello dived into a new idea based on the concept of a toy that could be fashioned out of wood, but it was not until the fall of 1992, when Calello’s original concept took flight for what would soon become “Automoblox”. His idea was to create something that would inspire children to come up with their own creations. While playing with the Automoblox toy, children are encouraged to visualize the design of cars and then assemble them from the ground up. Calello’s vision of a clever, innovative toy was to merge modern automotive styling out of wood. In effect Calello had reinvented the traditional wooden car.

By the year 1999, Calello had gained a great degree of professional experience of his own in the realm of designing and manufacturing products in his experience working for a Fortune 100 products company targeted at consumers. Gaining crucial insight into trends and brand development, he would go on to use this valuable experience to create, not just another exciting new product, but a global brand that would capture the imagination of the masses. Automoblox entered the retail market in the year 2004 and was sold in the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States.

The Automoblox wooden toy cars are great “hot toys” idea to give this Christmas. Not only do kids love them and get a lot of pleasure out of playing with them for hours on end, but they provide young children with a valuable learning experience in terms of visually imaging their own creations and then performing the task of making their dreams take shape in reality.