Writing Your Own Romantic Lines is Better

Originality is still very much preferable to imitation. Everybody is aware of that, and that actually goes beyond anything that is practical or simple. When you talk about the things that you really want, the things that you really prefer, then it is clear that being original is close to the top of your list. To provide a good enough example, whenever we want to purchase products or engage some service, our first priority is to get that of the original. That is so innate within each of us, and it seems so natural for us to feel that way.

That is also the way I feel when it comes to romance. In order for you to win the love and affection of that person that you have been pursuing persistently, you got to show some originality. That way, she would be able to appreciate your words and actions much better. All the effort that you would be putting behind every word and every gesture would be received in a better way. So in my case, I always come up with my very own romantic pick up lines, rather than use any old and popular ones. Making use of a line of your own creation will at least seen like a pleasant surprise to you e loved one.

As far as I see it, it would make love seem more fresh and exciting. Despite some people experiencing the contrary, love would be romantic and have a fairy tale like air about it, if you infuse some originality with your lines. That’s because you know the effort that you’ve put behind it, and you want to be rewarded accordingly. The experience of a friend is quite contrary to that, and is now even looking to join up a pregnant women dating site, just to forget the romantic mishap that she has experienced.